Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage originates from the Ayurvedic system of traditional healing and has been practised for over a thousand years.

The treatment involves massage to shoulders, arms, hands, neck, scalp and face, to relieve tension, increase joint mobility and stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Almond oil can be used on the scalp and hair to moisturise and nourish, improving the condition and health of the hair.

Indian Head Massage relieves stress, muscle tension, headaches and migraines, insomnia, eyestrain, sinusitis and increases concentration.

You will remain fully clothed, seated in a chair for the 45 minute treatment. This therapy is ideal for anyone with limited mobility.

Corporate massage

Do you want to improve staff productivity and morale and reduce stress related absenteeism??

Indian Head Massage may:

· Improve health, wellbeing and performance of employees
· Reduce absenteeism due to stress related disorders.
· Reduce stress and stress related disorders. 
· Help avoid development of musculo-skeletal conditions, such as RSI
· Improve concentration and energy levels, reducing eyestrain and tension headaches.
· Motivate staff and improves performance.
· Ideal for product promotions or events.

Indian Head Massage focuses on tension in the neck, shoulders, head and arms. The treatment is carried out through clothes, with the client sitting relaxed on the chair. Clients will feel relaxed yet alert after the treatment.

Treatments can be arranged from 15-30 minutes.

Different payment options can be arranged, such as company funded, flexible benefits or voluntary benefits.


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